Sliding tilt swing PVC system
Wide and comfortable access on the terraces, balconies and winter gardens.
Sliding tilt swing PVC system
Despite the fact that they are thick, high and heavy, these systems can open tilt swing and they can slide on a side very easily. The tilt frame, slides in parallel, saving space. For closing, the frame will be reoriented in tilt position for closure.


  • In standard profile with guidelines on horizontal casings
  • The height of the frame is between 600 and 2700 mm
  • The frame width is between 600 and 1650 mm
  • The frame weight is up to 160 kg
  • Easily manipulating, silent and lasting sliding mechanism
  • Comfortable thanks to the hardware system assembly at a certain distance from the casing.
  • Superior and inferior obstruction systems offer safety in the opening position because they stop the frame.
  • Excellent sealing thanks to rubber seals.
  • Micro ventilation


  • Anti-intrusion protection class 2 of efficiency (WK2)
Economical solution for sliding doors

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