MD bE 82
0 Welding processed on all the films, including white, for a perfect finishing touch of the angles.
The innovating profile for future windows.
0 welding processed for a perfect finishing touch of the angles.
The innovating constructive solution with 6 rooms with a 82 mm depth and a sophisticated sealing technique offers a perfect energetic efficiency and a maximum thermic insulation.
The unique characteristic of this system is the possibility of combining the two sealing systems. So we have a standard sealing system with two weatherstrips. Optionally there is also a central seal on the fix casing. The central seal significantly improves the thermic and sound characteristics of the window and offers a protection against wind and heavy rain. The generating system impresses through the perfect thermic insulation features and the possibility to use 52 mm windows.
In the case of adhesive-tape use we can use even 54 mm windows.
Bluevolution also impresses by the fact that all the system components are 100% reusable because for their production we use only pure separable plastic.
Domains of use: Rotating, pivot, rotating/pivot windows, side, stacking and sliding tilt swing doors.
Technical data:
MD: Uf= 0,98W/ (m2K)
AD: Uf= 1,1- 1,2 W/ (m2K)